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Zelensky spoke about the replacement of Minsk for TCG negotiations

In the city of Svyatogorsk, Donetsk region, people were given gift packages. Inside — champagne, sponge cake and greeting card with the image of the candidate from OPZZH and the corresponding symbols. Volodymyr Rybalkin, a local activist of the Stop Corruption NGO, spoke about this.

pidkup vibortsiv
Photo: StopCor

«A local resident sent us a video showing from the balcony how two vans arrived at the high-rise buildings, people ran out of them and delivered packages. We called the police and went to the scene ourselves, the police even got ahead of me, for which I thank them. I saw a curator who began to assure me that they wanted to congratulate the residents of Svyatogorsk on the City Day, which was on July 30, and on Independence Day. In the packages — a bottle of champagne, a pack of biscuits and a card with the candidate from OPZZ Vladimir Bandura «, — he told.

Bribery video:

According to Stop Corruption lawyers, the candidate’s actions can be assessed as a violation of Article 160 of the Criminal Code regarding indirect voter bribery.

«It can definitely be called indirect bribery, he already calls himself a candidate in advertising videos, and on September 5 he will officially register. Then he must be brought to justice. In addition, the cost of packages should be no more than 3% of the subsistence level, and this package seems to cost more., — the activist added.

Video of a potential candidate from OPZZh:

Volodymyr Rybalkin drew up a report on the commission of a criminal offense under Part 3 of this article, it was handed over to the police and explanations were taken.

According to the activist, the police did not comply with the request to confiscate the package in order to make a monetary assessment.

«We plan to enter data on this violation in the ERDR. If the police do not want, we will act through the court «, — Rybalkin emphasized.

We will remind, within the limits of the project «Stop Political Corruption» activists of the organization monitor violations of election legislation in all parts of the country.

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