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Raider conflict over Kiev PJSC «EMZ» is over: Owner Harutyunov returned to the plant

After almost 4 years of litigation, the raider conflict over PJSC EMZ is over — the owner managed to repel the attack of the raiders and regain control over his assets.

Businessman Ruben Arutyunov, the owner of the premises of Kyiv-based PJSC EMZ, who was attacked in 2016 by a group of raiders led by his former business partner Vladimir Litvin, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

According to Arutyunov, in the near future he plans to seek punishment under the law for all those involved in the scheme of the raider attack on his property.

“During these 4 years, there have been many: illegal interventions in state registers, fake criminal proceedings and attempts by raiders to obtain court decisions based on them, physical seizure of factory premises, intimidation of me personally and threats to notaries who executed court decisions in my favor. In the case of PJSC EMZ, it is possible to compile a whole scientific manual on how raider attacks take place in Ukraine. And only thanks to competent legal protection — thanks to lawyers Ruslan Kvitin, Dmitry Slobodyan, Roman Slivotsky and Alexander Strokan (Mitrax Law Firm), since 2016, I have won the courts of all three instances and confirmed my ownership, «the businessman wrote.

He noted that today all the initiators and perpetrators of the raid are in the field of view of law enforcement agencies: the initiator of the attack and former business partner of Ruben Arutyunov Vladimir Litvin, as well as state registrar Yulia Nikitina, who tried to legalize the raiders at PJSC EMZ.

«Vladimir Litvin himself, the organizer of the raider capture, is at the request of the Main Investigation Department of the GPU and is wanted by the All-Ukrainian Criminal Investigation Department. His accomplices are also under investigation, criminal proceedings have been opened against them. Criminal proceedings are being investigated by state registrar Yulia Nikitina, the Main Department for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime of the SBU, together with the DBR, for interfering in the Register of Real Property Rights. Nikitina herself is under investigation today… It is noteworthy that she pleaded guilty in court, ”Arutyunov said.

The businessman also warned state registrars and notaries against further participation in the attempted attack on the property of PJSC EMZ, as well as illegal schemes to manipulate state registers.

«Today, I and my team of lawyers are constantly monitoring the activity around PJSC» EMZ «in the state registers, we know all the cases of requests and access to information about this object. With this message, I want to warn you against making a mistake, which will not be corrected by the money you received for illegal registration, nor by your managers, who guarantee your safety. For each such attempt, I will act harshly, quickly and in principle, exclusively within the framework of current legislation. Violation of the Law will not go unpunished. The fate of Yulia Nikitina is a clear example of this. I want the norm of the Law on the Inviolability of Property Rights to be implemented in practice in Ukraine. So that no one in our country would be tempted to bury someone else’s property! ”Ruben Harutyunov wrote.

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