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Ukrainian talents are also thriving in the e-sports field. In this article we will tell you about the richest players from our country.

Today, gamers can play not only for fun. In today’s world, computer games have long been a means of earning a living. In one tournament, an e-athlete can become a dollar millionaire. For example, in 2019, 5 players earned more than $ 15 million for winning The International. Also, if you look at the match center of the site, you can see that games and tournaments with prize funds of tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars are held on a regular basis.

Vladimir No[o]ne Minenko — Dota 2

Roman is only 22 years old, but he has already become a dollar millionaire. Throughout his playing career, the player has earned more than $ 1,600,000. And this is only as a prize. Also, the e-athlete has advertising contracts, salaries, donations from fans. And also a brand new Mercedes-Benz, which was presented to him for the title of the best player in one of the tournaments.

His main successes No.[o]ne achieved as part of the Russian team Virtus.Pro. He has been performing in it since 2016. During this time, the team has won several Major Series tournaments. At The International, the team also rose quite high — 5-6 places in 2017 and 2018. For this, the team received a million dollars.

Roman Resolut1on Fominok — Dota 2

The future e-athlete started playing in the first Dota when he was 14-15 years old. Then Roman switched to Dota 2 and decided to dedicate his life to this game. During his career, he managed to earn 1,450,000 US dollars.

As a professional player, Roman tried himself in a variety of teams. He performed together with Russian and Ukrainian e-sportsmen, as well as with English-speaking players from Europe and America. Now Fominok plays as part of Virtus.Pro.

The highest achievement in Resolut1on’s career is 2nd place at The International in 2016. Then his team lacked literally one step before the cherished Aegis. Roman and his team Digital Chaos received almost three and a half million dollars for silver medals.

The richest Ukrainian e-athletes

Ilya Lil Ilyuk — Dota 2

Recently, the e-athlete has had some problems with a permanent job. For a long time the player was not in the team. Now he also does not have a permanent organization.

Despite this, over the years of professional play Lil was able to earn an impressive amount — just over 900 thousand dollars. More than half of the winning prizes fall on 2017. Then all the same Virtus.Pro, which included Lil, won gold and silver medals in two majors, as well as entered the top five at The International. In addition, the team won a number of smaller tournaments. All this brought Ilya in 2017 about $ 500,000 in prize money alone.

Danil Dendi Ishutin — Dota 2

The name of this e-athlete is familiar even to people far from the gaming industry. Dendi and the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere made history in the early 10’s.

When Valve first launched its Dota 2, they decided to enter the e-sports world loudly. For this purpose, the tournament The International was organized with a fabulous prize fund of that time — 1,600,000 US dollars. «Born to Win» along with Dendi confirmed their name by winning the first TI. For five, the team received 1 million conventional units.

The five also showed a high level of play at the tournaments in 2012 and 2013. However, Na’Vi always stopped a step away from gold.

After that, the results of Natus Vincere and Dendi in particular began to limp. Despite this, Danya is still considered a Dota 2 legend, he is respected by both players and fans from around the world.

Daniil Zeus Teslenko — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The richest Ukrainian KSer is also a real e-sports legend. In fact, the player was at the origins of Natus Vincere, played for many years in this team, was its constant captain. However, in 2016, Zeus was forced to leave — Teslenko gave way to the young.

However, this did not prevent the player from finding a new team, with which he achieved the main achievement in his career — he became the champion of the Major series tournament. For the first place his then team Gambit received 500 thousand dollars.

In 2019, Teslenko, who by that time had returned to Na’Vi, ended his professional career. Over the years, Zeus has managed to earn almost $ 800,000 in prize money.

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