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“Your attitude matters”: a campaign is taking place in the City Garden within the framework of “Odessa-Pride-2020” | Odessa news

The police provide order.

On August 25 in the Odessa City Garden the action “Your attitude matters” is held. Anyone can express their opinion about the equal rights of people regardless of skin color, gender identity or sexual orientation. In order to do this, you need to write your opinion (“for” or “against”) on a sticker, and then stick it on the board that the organizers brought.

The action is held within the framework of «Odessa-Pride-2020»

“We do not persuade people to vote“ for ”, we just want to hear their opinion,” said the coordinator of “Odessa-Pride-2020” Veronika Nikolskaya.

The action was attended by activists of the organization «Tradition and Order», but there were no conflicts. They just voted against and left.

Police officers ensure safety and order.

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