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Yastremskaya reached the third round of the tournament in New York — Ukrainian News

As a result of quarantine measures, international tournaments in rhythmic gymnastics «Deryugina Cup» and gymnastics Ukraine International Cup 2020 («Stella Zakharova’s Cup») are under threat of failure.

During a press conference in Ukrinform, representatives of Ukrainian gymnastics asked the state to give permission to hold prestigious international starts in our country, without which athletes will not be able to properly prepare for the Olympics, the agency reports.

«In this difficult time, we do not feel the necessary support from the state,» said Olympic champion, organizer of Ukraine International Cup 2020 Stella Zakharova. — Athletes were left alone. The Olympics were postponed, but no one canceled it. Not all licenses for the Games have been played yet. in many countries the state meets the needs of athletes, halls are open in Europe, competitions are held. There are no preparatory starts in Ukraine. The Olympics is a prestigious event not only for athletes, but for the whole country. The situation is alarming, not only in gymnastics, but also in other sports. Everyone is hungry for sports. We also want to ask the International Olympic Committee how to get out of this situation.

President of the National Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics, head coach of the national team of Ukraine Irina Deryugina noted that gymnastics has long missed the competition.

«I will say that we went through the whole period of quarantine very actively. We have not recorded a single case of coronavirus. People who are active in sports do not get sick. A week ago we held the championship of Ukraine in Kiev — in the Palace of Sports, without spectators. Representatives of 14 regions spoke. Everyone passed the tests, everything was wonderful. The gymnasts really missed the competition. Postponing the Olympics is a big drama for them. Athletes can not help but compete, for them the stop is over. We have to hold the Deryugina Cup and the European Championship in Kyiv. The relevant ministry understands us, but the state… 14 countries applied for the Deryugina Cup, which is to take place on September 10-13, and the European Championship is also scheduled for November 26-29 in Kyiv. We have to go through a competitive «run-in» and perform well at the licensed starts. The state should meet the needs of athletes also because Ukraine is competitive in this industry, «Irina Deryugina said.

Vlada Nikolchenko, the winner of the bronze award at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, stressed that despite the difficulties, Ukrainian gymnasts are ready to show good results.

“I would like us to be heard and to lend a helping hand in the competition. Many countries traditionally want to take part in our Deryugina Cup. Of course, this year has its difficulties associated with the pandemic. Now we are in shape and want to show good results. This is very important in the process of preparing for the Olympic Games. I really want the athletes to be heard, ”said the famous Ukrainian» artist. «

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As reported, the 25th Deryugina Cup and the 18th Ukraine International Cup-2020, which were to take place in the spring in Kiev, did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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