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World record number of coronavirus infections StopCor

As of the morning of July 16, 234,337 COVID-19 infections were registered worldwide, more than 13.6 million cases of coronavirus infection, and 8.1 million people recovered.

coronavirus in SSHA USA
Photo: Justin Lane / EPA / TASS

According to the center, there are 13,696,738 cases of infection and 586,885 deaths due to coronavirus in the world.

The leader in the number of cases remains the United States. Cases of infection were recorded in all 50 US states, the number of deaths reached 140,140 (+ 997 per day), patients — 3,616,747 (+ 71,670 per day).

In second place in the number of patients is Brazil — 1,970,909 infected (+ 39,705 per day) and 75,523 (+ 1,261 per day) deaths.

India ranks third in the world in the number of COVID-19 cases: 970,169 people have already been infected (+ 32,682 per day), and the number of deaths is 24,929 (+ 614 per day).

In Russia, 746,369 patients (+ 6,422 per day) and 11,770 deaths (+ 156 per day).

In Peru, the number of infected has already reached 337,724 people (+3,857 per day), the number of deaths — 12,417 (+188 per day).

This is evidenced by the data on Worldometers.

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