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Wizards: The Third Part of Arcadia’s Story Coming to Netflix in a Month

Hollywood actor Jude Law does not complain about the lack of work. Every year he starred in successful television projects, which add to him not only capital, but also popularity. Now Jude Law is in talks with Disney to appear in the new film about Peter Pan.

According to Variety magazine, the famous handsome man can transform into the main villain of the film about Peter Pan — Captain Hook. And, apparently, Jude Law liked this role, because otherwise he would have immediately abandoned the Disney project. According to media reports, the actor has not yet signed a contract for cooperation.

It is known that the new film will be a film adaptation of the classic cartoon of 1953. The animated film became one of the most successful in the history of Disney, therefore it is not surprising that they wanted to film it even after unsuccessful films about Peter Pan.

The director will be David Lowry, known for his family fantasy «Pete and His Dragon.» He already managed to develop the script together with Toby Halbrooks, so everything is ready for the start of the filming process.

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Who used to play Captain Hook

Captain Hook’s character is well known to family movie lovers. As in the book about Peter Pan, and in a series of films, he appears before the audience as an evil and cunning leader of pirates from the island of Neverland.

One of the first to reincarnate as the villain and rival Peter Pan was actor Dustin Hoffman. He appeared in the movie «Captain Hook», which was released in 1991.

Already in 2003, the character returned to the screens in the film «Peter Pan». Here the villain was expertly played by Jason Isaacs.

In the new 2015 film, Captain Hook appeared thanks to actor Garrett Hedlund. And, it is worth noting, this image is the closest to Jude Law.