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Reports about it DW.

«An unsanctioned rally in support of ex-banker Viktor Babaryk and the first director of the Belarusian High Technology Park Valery Tsepkal, who were not registered as candidates in the country’s presidential election, took place in Minsk on Tuesday evening, July 14,» the statement said.

It is noted that by 20:00 Independence Avenue in the city center was blocked, by this time several hundred people had already gathered here. They did not carry flags or posters with slogans — just walked down the street and clapped their hands. Cars passing by signaled solidarity. In addition to pedestrians, many cyclists gathered on Independence Avenue.

Judging by the messages in the chat, groups of opposition activists began to gather in other districts of Minsk.

Soon paddy wagons approached the city center, the first detentions began, informs DW. Yes, the journalists of the Euroradio radio station were detained just during the stream from the scene. Another man — after he asked police to help one of the participants in the march, who suddenly became ill.

At about 8:45 p.m., the Belarus Brain Telegram channel reported that Radio Svoboda journalists had been detained. About an hour after the beginning of the action, the Internet began to be jammed, and detentions continued. In response, those present began to shout «Shame!» and «Long live Belarus!».

As reported, the Central Election Commission of Belarus refused to register Viktor Babaryk as a presidential candidate. The formal reason for the refusal was the inconsistency of the declaration of income and property and the participation of a foreign organization in its election campaign.

Earlier, due to a lack of signatures, the CEC withdrew candidate Valery Tsepkal from the presidential election.

Photo: DW

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