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«We will demand compensation for the crash of the tanker» Delfi «» — the mayor of Odessa

A group of criminals, some of whom have already had problems with the law, are thoroughly suspected of robbery, banditry, and illegal handling of weapons and ammunition. The maximum penalty they face is imprisonment for up to fifteen years with confiscation of property.

So, in June of this year, at night a group of unknown persons in masks broke into the apartment of the businessman in the village of Kozyn, in the Obukhov region. The attackers intimidated the owners, tied them with plastic ties, used weapons and, threatening physical violence, took a large sum of money from the house. Then they disappeared from the scene of the crime.

During operative-search activities, officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Kyiv Region Police identified the perpetrators and detained them in the capital and the region. Force support for the police operation was provided by KORD fighters and a special police regiment.

Four defendants were detained under Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and placed in a temporary detention facility.

During searches of the thieves’ homes, police seized weapons, ammunition, bank cards, mobile phones, motor vehicles on which the attackers robbed, cars and other physical evidence.

Investigative police opened criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Article 187 (Robbery), under Art. 257 (Banditry) and Part 1 of Art. 263 (Illegal handling of the weapon, ammunition or explosives) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The detained men were reported on suspicion of crimes. Police officers check them before committing other crimes in the region.

The court will choose a measure of restraint for the defendants. Law enforcement officers will apply to the court for custody.

Kyiv Region Police Communication Department

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