At Warner Bros. shared a ten-minute video about the filming of the movie «Argument».

In a video posted on Warner Bros. Pictures, showed many footage from the set of the blockbuster Christopher Nolan, as well as interviews with the director, actors, producers and cameraman who talked about the work on the film.

Most of the video is devoted to how almost the entire film was filmed with a minimum of CG effects, with real scenery or on location. For example, for one of the chases, the eight-kilometer stretch of the highway was blocked for three weeks, and the scene in which the real Boeing-747 crashes was filmed at a working airport.

According to the actors, all this helped them to work on their roles. They saw live almost the same thing that the audience will see on the screen, so they did not have to think of something to play this or that scene.

John David Washington, who played the Protagonist, said that the most interesting experience for him was the choreography of the battles. Before that, he had not had to train the unnatural movements needed for scenes with «inversion», so the actor had to recall his experience in sports.

“I’ve never been hit the other way around: I was curious how to bring this to life,” said Washington.

The film was launched in Ukrainian distribution on August 26. More about him can be read here


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