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There will be no new airport in the Dnieper: the Cabinet redistributes money — Filatov | StopCor

Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov said that the Ministry of Infrastructure wants to take away 100 million hryvnias intended for the construction of a new airport. The relevant statement appeared on his Facebook page.

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«Yesterday, the Minister of Infrastructure drank, as is customary with the Greens, and went to his FB, where he accused me of promoting myself before the election and everything would be fine with the airport in Dnipro.

Documents signed by Crickley, where he personally asks to withdraw money from the construction of the airport in the Dnieper and redirect them…. on salaries to themselves and their subordinates«, — I wrote Filatov.

According to Borys Filatov, the day before the government committee distributed the expenses of the Ministry of Infrastructure, which wanted to withdraw 100 million hryvnias intended for the construction of a new airport in the Dnieper.

The mayor stressed that this was the last 100 million. Initially, UAH 2 billion was allocated for the construction of the airport, later this amount was reduced to UAH 1 billion, and in the end it was reduced to UAH 100 million. Filatov noted that in this way the government violates the public promise of the president that the airport will be completed.

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