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The winners of the Black Sea Cup regatta were named in Odessa

Winners in six groups have been announced.

Regatta of cruising yachts «Black Sea Cup — 2020 «, timed to coincide with the Independence Day of Ukraine, ended in Odessa, the correspondent reports

Today at the seaport the winners were awarded in six groups — from small to large yachts.

As the organizer of the event, the chairman of the Odessa Regional Sailing Federation Sergey Chervyakov, said, the regatta was revived in 2008, and was first held back in 1973.

“In 2008, we revived it with a race to the Snake Island, now every year we hold the Black Sea Cup on Independence Day,” he said. — The winners of the regatta took their places for a reason. They were in a tense struggle. The night race to the Berezan Island was especially difficult. We are trying to develop cruising sailing. «

First group (smallest yachts)

1st place: yacht «Olga», Belgorod-Dnestrovsky
2nd: «Casablanca», Belgorod-Dnestrovsky
3rd: «Naiad», Odessa

Second group
1. Neptune, Odessa

2. Volantis, Odessa

3. «Archimedes», Odessa

Third group
1. «Antares», Odessa

2. «Odyssey», Odessa

3. «Sheriff», Odessa

Fourth group

1.Victory, Odessa

2. «Svetlana», Odessa

3. Anhel, Odessa

Fifth group
1. «Maestro 2», Odessa MTP (sea trade port)
2. Eliz, South Sea Commercial Port

3. «Poseidon», Black Sea Sea Commercial Port

6th group and the best recounted time in absolute — Maestro, Odessa

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