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The Ukrainian Epolets hermet has released a clip for a new song (Lyric video) — Ukrainian News

New Cultures:HBO Max having replaced the studio Bad Robot with three serials.

HBO Max having captured three studio serials of JJ Abrams, including the spin-off "Syava" and "Dark League Justice"

Jeremy Jay Abramsa has signed an exclusive contract with WarnerMedia, now an online movie theater HBO Max, having replaced the virodnosis video recording studio trio.

  • Duster — a serial about the water of a growing criminal syndicate, a kind of extra help to the malefactors to get a look at the replay. Show show on the USA’s entrance to the USA. The scriptwriter Bezsoromni and Walking Merits will be involved in the project.
  • "Overluk" — Spin-off "Syava" by Stephen King, a kind of promptings alongside the famous hotel. Poki it’s not clear what’s going to be an anthology, but there’s a show with the main plot, so it’s very clear that you’re in the original character. Earlier, the studio wanted to know the film-prequel with that name — it’s possible that the version has been expanded. The project will be addressed by the author of Castle Rock.
  • Serial without a name at the all-Russian "Dark League of Justice". After the number of nonsense trials, take a look at the new movie on the basis of the comic book, Warner tried to get a chance on TB. I have the whole all-round character at once Kostyantin and Bolotny creatures to unite in a team, since it’s not a fact, but I’m going to get the plot.

HBO Max launch pass without "Friends"

Pleases Bad Robot і WarnerMedia transmission є virobnitstvo film, serіalіv that igor right up to 2024 rock. I’ll look at the majority of projects, Abrams himself doesn’t have a brother’s share in the cutaneous business, however, for the whole number of successful projects, one will be left to one of the most ambitious producers of Hollywood.

In addition to the “Wild Sunset World” and the most effective franchises for the “Місія: недійсненна” win, there’s more to do with the lower project for the “Istoriya Lіzі” for Apple, as well as the comedy show of Lovecraft Country.

Gisele Gal Gadot turn in "Fast and Furious 10"

HBO Max plan to run in equals. Win will include content from Warner Bros. і HBO, including shows and films for the whole DC, Friends, Garry Potter і bagato іnshogo.