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The Supreme Court of Ukraine did not transfer Vovk’s case to the WACS

The fate of medical students at St. Luke’s International College remains in question. Students after three years of study were left without diplomas due to the invalidity of the college license. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine claims that they are doing everything possible to re-certify and transfer students, but they need advice from the Ministry of Health. The process is delayed, y The Ministry of Health claims that they have nothing to do with the college. That is why a protest action gathered near the Ministry of Education and Science.

Student protest action at the Ministry of Education and Science Photo: StopCor

The lawyer of the victims considers the actions of the Ministry of Education and Science illegal, because in fact the college license is valid, although without permission to enroll new students after 2015, as repeatedly pointed out by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science. However, by law, in this case, all actions must be agreed between the heads of educational institutions.

Lawyer Victoria Yelovikova Photo: StopCor

«According to the USREOU, the college still has a license and it is valid until 2099. The college also has 2 specialties — training of nurses and orthopedic dentistry. The Minister of Education and Science, Scarlett, issued an official letter recommending that the college transfer them to other educational institutions in order to restore the violated rights of students. «, — the lawyer Victoria Yelovikova noted.

According to the student’s mother, the Ministry of Education and Science did not expect such a resonance in the media and wanted to prolong their case. Meanwhile, Director General of the Directorate of Higher Education Oleg Sharov, who previously met with parents, did not get in touch.

Mother of student Karina Photo: StopCor

«They did not count on publicity and efficiency of parents’ work. They hoped that it would all flow slowly, and they, as puppeteers, would manage it all. That’s why Mr. Sharov is not in touch today, he is leaving the Ministry through a black exit. He is afraid of me like fire. When I call him and officially introduce myself, he hangs up. The children started writing on TV channels, to the President, so that at least some government would influence the situation. «, — Victoria, mother of student Karina, told StopCor journalists.

Igor Baluba, the head of the expert group on the development of qualifications for adult education and pedagogical education, joined the student protesters. He noted that a letter had been sent to the Ministry of Health, the answer had not yet been received, so they could not continue to act.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science Photo: StopCor

«A letter was sent to the Ministry of Health, which would identify higher education institutions and, if necessary, certify those people who studied at this college. «, — Igor Baluba declared.

In turn the Ministry of Health stated that colleges are not subordinated to them, and only higher education institutions.

It will be recalled that St. Luke’s International College left students without diplomas due to late submission of documents to the Ministry of Education. According to the students’ parents, the Ministry promised that the students would receive diplomas. However, another educational institution to which documents are reissued. Also, students will not have time to enroll in universities, and diplomas will be awarded only to those who pass the re-certification. Parents are afraid that the exams may specifically complicate and «overwhelm» future doctors. Inaction of the Ministry of Education can deprive the capital’s medical students of diplomas.

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