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The son of the owner of «Foxtrot» can be fined UAH 1,700 for shooting a person

Investigators of the Office for Investigation of Crimes Committed in connection with the mass protests in 2013-2014, the State Bureau of Investigation, under the procedural guidance of prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office, reported the suspicion to the head of one of the police departments of the National Police in Cherkasy region.

The investigation established that on January 24, 2014, the suspect, while investigating the Smilyansk City Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Cherkasy Oblast, informed one of the seven detainees and citizens taken to the department about suspicion of alleged riots and seizure of government buildings.

In fact, the victim did not commit any criminal offenses and was not far from the Cherkasy Regional State Administration during the protest.

The militiaman is suspected of executing a clearly criminal order and bringing a knowingly innocent person to criminal responsibility, combined with the artificial creation of evidence (Part 4 of Article 41, Part 2 of Article 372 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

We will remind, according to results of investigation of investigators of DBR the indictment concerning former judges of the Sosnivsky district court of the city of Cherkasy who made obviously unjust decisions concerning 17 participants of the Cherkassy Euromaidan is directed to court.


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