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The series with Jim Carrey «Just kidding» is closing: details | News. Daily News. Ukraine News July 15, 2020

Showtime decided to stop producing the “Just kidding” series with Jim Carrey in the lead role. In total, the series «existed» for two seasons.

“After two seasons,“ Just kidding ”is shutting down on Showtime.”, — the channel says.

“Kidding” — a series that tells the story of the famous children’s TV presenter Jeff Pickles. For all, he is known for his kind and gentle attitude towards children, but in fact Pickles is struggling with serious problems, both personal and professional.

Judy Greer, Katherine Keener, Frank Langella, Cole Allen, Juliet Morris and Justin Kirk also starred in the series.

Jim Carrey was also the executive producer of the project. Also, the role of Jeff Pickles was the first permanent role of the actor in 20 years.

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“We are very proud to have broadcast this series. We would like to thank Jim Carrey, Dave Holstein, Michael Aguilar, Michel Gondry and the entire cast, as well as the crew for their brilliant and tireless work.«- added in the message.