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The Secretariat of the Language Ombudsman was registered as a legal entity

This was reported by a Ukrinform correspondent.

The rally, which brought together several dozen representatives of patriotic NGOs, read the names of 80 people who were born or lived in Kharkiv, were arrested on trumped-up charges and executed in 1937 in the Sandarmokh tract in Karelia.

Victims of Stalinist terror commemorated in Kharkiv / Photo: Vyacheslav Madievsky, Ukrinform

«On August 5, 1937, the so-called Great Stalinist Terror began by a resolution of the CPSU (B.), During which thousands of people died, including our compatriots, due to sweeps and repressions. They died, but we remember their names.» noted at the event the coordinator of the Kharkiv Euromaidan, Honored Journalist of Ukraine Volodymyr Chystylin.

As the co-coordinator of the Kharkiv Euromaidan Victoria Sklyarova added, “actions in memory of Sandarmokh victims are now taking place in most countries of the world, where there are diasporas of Ukrainians and other peoples that were part of the USSR. to the whole world «.

While reading the names of Sandarmokh’s victims, passers-by, including young people, joined the requiem participants.

It is known that in November 1937 in the tract Sandarmokh in Karelia (Russia) there were mass executions of prisoners of the Solovetsky prison stage. Now the names of 6241 victims are known.


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