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The right hand of the chairman of the regional council of Vinnytsia Khmil works with Miami: unofficial fortunes allow StopCor

Almost half a year in Miami. The right hand chairman of the Vinnytsia regional council, Ihor Khmil, was abroad from April to July. However, he did not provide any official information about his stay outside Ukraine. This became known to journalists of «StopCor». The film crew arrived in Vinnytsia to learn about the official’s work schedule and assets.

Igor Khmil, Deputy Chairman of the Vinnytsia Regional Council. Source: Facebook

«There are no hops in the workplace. According to our sources, he has not been at work for two days, he moved from a Mercedes, it seems, to an old Nissan (declared).
Disappeared after a journalist’s request «, — tells the journalist of «StopCor» Alla Legeza.

The receptionist explained that Khmil went on an official business trip to Trostyanets and Haisyn to meet with the community.

And in the press service after a phone call to Khmil noted that he does not have time to communicate with journalists because of the busy schedule.

«We first met with the chairman of the budget commission of the regional council Gennady Mazur. Clarified how many hops were in Miami (left on March 5, and returned in late July). Accurate data on this subject are prepared in response to our request, where we asked for information on how many days he was abroad this and last year, how many on observation, how many on vacation, how much on sick leave, study. We also asked about the data on salaries and bonuses that Khmil received on a monthly basis, as well as about who performs his duties during his absence. «, — the journalist added.

According to journalists, Khmil’s wife and youngest son live in Miami on a permanent basis. Khmil did not provide information about his civil wife in his declaration. In general, the wealth of an official raises many questions.

Prior to joining the civil service, Khmil was engaged in business as well as smuggling goods from China. And since 2016, the official rewrote most of the business to his mother. According to all registers, Khmil’s mother is a successful businesswoman and lives in the elite Hlybochytskyi Posad residential complex in Kyiv. There she also has three garages. In fact, she is an ordinary pensioner and lives on her own pension.

«As we managed to find out, most of the business founded by Khmil has been with my mother since 2016.
My mother is an ordinary pensioner, 68 years old. By profession — a veterinarian, all the time she worked at the Trostyanets plant. She retired in 2007. The amount of the pension is UAH 2,500. And on it in 7 years after retirement, I will remind, — the huge estate in Mytkivtsi in Vinnytsia region, the shopping center in Trostyanets, the God-forgotten house and the earth in Trostyanets (opposite to church), the old two-room apartment in Trostyanets (where, according to neighbors, she lives), the production of gypsum stands in Trostyanets (in front of the gas station). In Kiev, she has an apartment in the residential complex «Hlybochytskyi Posad» next to her son’s apartment and three garages (according to the master, they are combined into one), and in Gatny in Kyiv region — two houses on Kornelyuk 6, 8, half a house with apartments and business on Institutskaya. As for my mother’s car, it’s a GL, on which Khmil was seen by my mother’s neighbors, and patrols were recorded during the drawing up of the report. «, — says journalist Alla Legeza.

An elite SUV driven by Hops. The car is registered to the mother. Photo: StopCor.

Journalists also learned about the official’s sources of income and about construction scams in Haisyn.

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