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The rector of the Academy of Law is summoned for interrogation at the State Bureau of Investigation — Kivalov returned to Odessa and will act as a lawyer | News of Odessa

Former people’s deputy, head of the National University «Odessa Law Academy» Sergey Kivalov returned to Odessa. Even before the start of a full-scale war, the ex-people’s deputy left Ukraine in advance and rested in Dubai and London. But when I found out that the State Bureau of Investigation was summoning the rector of the Academy of Sciences for questioning, I had to stop my vacation. The details of this situation were reported by public figure Mark Gordienko in his Telegram channel.

“Cynicism up.

1.Sergey Kivalov, escapes from Ukraine and Odessa just before the invasion, February 23rd. That is, he knew for sure.

To Dubai and then to London.

2. I sat silently for seven days. Waited.

3. Then I wrote the first post when it became clear that «not everything is so simple.»

In the post, everything is streamlined and, just in case, they transferred as much (!) A million hryvnias to the hospital.

An old trick from 2014, when he also transferred a million when it got hot.

Note, a measly 30 thousand dollars, like 30 pieces of silver, and not from their personal millions, but from the common fund of a state institution captured by Kivalov and his organized criminal group.

And not a word of remorse.

And not a word against Putin.

And in the end, separatist, I wish everyone peace, not Peremogi.

4. Yesterday Kivalov returned to Odessa.

Do you know why?

Because he has to go for interrogation at the DBR tomorrow.

But not as an accused or a witness.

And as a lawyer.

Kivalov will be a lawyer for his «boy» Vitya Zagorodny, he is «zits. chairman” and, like, the rector of the Law State Academy.

Vitya is accused of all serious sins and Vitya can turn in the Pope.

Zagorodny’s level is to steal spoons from the dining room, not hundreds of millions, so Pound begins to doubt whether it’s time, so to speak, to betray, that is, to clear his conscience, as many have already done before.

Therefore, the once great and terrible Kivalov descends to the level of a lawyer and drags himself to the interrogation at the DBR in order to prevent and stop the doubts of his client, who can, all of a sudden, turn over his boss, that is, his lawyer.

Can you imagine an interrogation in the DBR?

Sledak asks Vitya: “And what criminal instructions did your honorary rector Kivalov give you?”

And Kivalych is like this: “What a fucking provocation! Don’t be fooled by Victor, I advise you this one as a lawyer!

My advice to the DBR investigator.

Become a hero and maybe be the future prosecutor general.

Slap the faggot Kivalov both as a lawyer and as a rector and as a separatist…,” Gordienko wrote.

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