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The prosecutor’s office demands return to communal ownership of the land plots in the Sumy region worth over 72 million UAH

Employees of the two regional law enforcement agencies are patrolling the waters and the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov together. All this is for the safety of the civilian population, the conservation of marine bioresources and the reliable protection of the state border.

Two boats of security officers of the special police company of the Donetsk region police and servicemen of the Donetsk border detachment patrol every day.

The Safe Sea campaign, which will run from July 13 to 19, provides daily preventive work with citizens, owners and captains of fishing vessels. This is primarily an explanatory work on the need to comply with current legislation in the field of industrial activities and border issues.

The law enforcement agencies are carrying out joint measures to control the registration and compliance with the procedure for leaving the bases of vessels, providing clarifications on the rules for catching aquatic bioresources and preventing violations of the border regime.

The security forces have something to focus their attention on — only during the summer period were two facts of encroachment on the Red Book bioresources discovered and stopped — the Azov scheme and sturgeon. Currently, fishermen are willing to engage in dialogue and explain that they are aware of the requirements of current legislation and strictly adhere to them.

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police of Donetsk region


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