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Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba stated that, in Ukraine’s opinion, it is too early to talk about human error as the main reason for the downing of the Ukrainian UIA liner. Kuleba stated this during a briefing on Tuesday.

Iran plane crash

«I want to make it clear today that it is too early to say that the plane was shot down due to human error, as the Iranian side claims. We have many questions, and we need many authoritative, impartial, as objective answers as possible about what happened. As of now, Ukraine cannot agree that the plane was shot down due to human error«Kuleba said.

Ukraine’s position is that this issue should be investigated as part of a criminal investigation with the establishment of all the facts, he added.

«After that, we can finally say about this or that version of the downing of the Ukrainian plane. Today, the imposition of interpretations is erroneous. We all need to focus on establishing the legal facts. ”, — the minister told.

He added that the downing of a civilian plane, for whatever reason, was illegal and that Iran would be held accountable under international law.

«The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is fully ready for this legal and diplomatic struggle. We will do everything in our power to make Iran pay the highest price for what happened«, — the minister told, the correspondent reports»European truth«.

He reminded that next week in France the «black boxes» of the plane will be deciphered, in which experts from the USA, Canada, France, Great Britain and Ukraine will take part.

It will be recalled that the Iranian Civil Aviation Agency previously stated that the cause of the UIA plane crash near Tehran in January was a human error during the adjustment of the radar system in the air defense unit.

It was also reported that the Foreign Ministry is preparing for a trial in the UN Court with Iran over the downing of an UIA airliner.

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