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the performer of the role of Morphius told why he does not participate in the filming of the fourth part of «The Matrix» — Ukrainian News

Ukrainian singer Vladimir Dantes, who burst into the world of show business after a long break with his solo project DANTES, released a new hit «Classmate».

The premiere of the song and video took place today, August 18, on Vladimir’s YouTube channel.

The released clip is the most creative for the singer, because it immerses you in the atmosphere of the personal very much. “This work is about something that we have long forgotten. About what was once the first time «, — Dantes notes.

Vladimir decided to write a song that will feel nostalgia for something that will never be the first time. “The idea of ​​a song came to me, thanks to which I could have plunged into memories and seemed to visit a school disco” — said the singer.

And the young singer Jerry Heil (Yana Shemaeva) helped to create what the artist wanted. Previously, Yana wrote the tracks «More or less» and «Now you are 30» for Dantes.

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«I was driving in the car and thought that there will be little in our life for the first time. Something that would surprise me a lot. The first kiss, from which your legs give way, the first «Chupa Chups», «Turbo» gum, transferable tattoos. Nowadays, you will not be surprised at a carbonated drink. And then “Yupi”, cola, kinder surprises, a collection of hippos, a flight in an airplane, a trip to another city, going on stage — everything was incredible for the first time ”, Says DANTES.