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The organizer of illegal transportation of a foreigner to the Russian Federation will be tried in Sumy Region

The man tried to avoid responsibility for driving while intoxicated. He offered a bribe to the inspector of the response sector of the patrol police of one of the police departments of Sumy region. The commission of such a criminal offense is punishable by imprisonment for up to eight years.

The Sumy Department of the Department of Internal Security of the NPU received information from the inspector of the patrol police response sector of the Okhtyrka Police Department of the Sumy Region about the corruption proposal. The 22-year-old man promised to provide the policeman with 10,000 hryvnias in illegal benefits. It was for this amount of «ransom» that the violator tried to avoid punishment for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The senior lieutenant of police immediately informed about the offer to the management and employees of the Sumy management of DVB NPU.

According to the materials of the internal security of the police, the Okhtyrka local prosecutor’s office entered information into the ERDR under Part 3 of Article 369 (Offer, promise or illegal benefit to an official) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Officers of the UDVB of the National Police and investigators of the Okhtyrka Police Department, under the procedural guidance of the prosecutor’s office, detained the bribe-giver. The detention took place during the transfer of the promised amount in the patrol office. The money was confiscated as material evidence.

The issue of declaring the man a suspect is currently being resolved. For bribing an official, the violator of traffic rules faces imprisonment for a term of four to eight years.

Department of Homeland Security

National Police of Ukraine


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