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The National Bank strengthened the hryvnia by 12 kopecks

Today the martyrs of the pious princes Boris and Gleb, in the holy Baptism of Roman and David, the first national saints. Both were brothers, sons of Vladimir the Great, and both died a horrible martyr’s death at the hands of another brother, Sviatopolk, popularly known as the Damned. In July 1015, Volodymyr died at his residence in Berestov near Kyiv. At first they tried to hide the fact of the prince’s death, rightly fearing that Sviatopolk, whom the people of Kyiv did not want to see on the Kyivan throne, would seize power. The beloved son of Vladimir the Great Boris (he ruled in Rostov) at that time fought against the Polovtsians. Instead, the news of Volodymyr’s death reached Sviatopolk fairly quickly. He rushed with the army to Kiev and seized power. Soon Sviatopolk insidiously killed first Boris and then Gleb, Prince of Murom. Yaroslav Novgorodsky (another brother of the Volodymyrovychs, also known as the Wise, who would later defeat Sviatopolk and take the throne of Kyiv) warned Gleb that «our father had died and Sviatopolk had killed Boris,» but he still went to meet his brother. Without troops and without weapons. And it was a very conscious step. The Patriarchate of Constantinople, having received a petition for the canonization of Boris and Gleb, could not understand for a long time why it should canonize the princes. Because they gave Kyiv and the people who hoped for them to Svyatopolk, secondly, by their obedience to brazen lies, envy and malice, they seemed to push Svyatopolk to commit the terrible sin of fratricide… But in the end they were canonized — for, as he said Tolstoy, followed by Gandhi, «non-resistance to evil by violence», for the complete following of Christ. A rare, almost unique case. Especially when it comes to power.

Autumn Boris and Gleb completed the ripening of all breads, the period of the greatest harvest of mushrooms began. Our ancestors said: «Boris and Gleb sow early bread»; «Boris and Gleb came — bread cooled in the field»; «On Boris and Gleb hurry to the bread.»

Congratulations on your birthday Boris, Gleb, Christina.

17 lunar day. Moon with Pisces. The imagination will try its best to displace clear logic, and it will succeed. Keep this in mind, especially during negotiations. You can promise, paint and color anything, but on some emotions you will not go far. So don’t forget to check your own ears to see if anyone has hung noodles on them. In addition, laziness will creep up on us, especially to those who have not been on vacation for a long time. But in general, the emotional and psychological background of the day is quite positive, because everyone will see reality as they want. When the Moon is in Pisces, people become a little kinder, more generous, softer. Keep this in mind, but don’t abuse someone else’s kindness.

According to the Central Geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest day in Kyiv was in 1907 — +8.3, and the warmest in 2010 — +36.3.

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