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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reacted to the loud statements of Belarus

A citizen of the People’s Republic of China was detained at the capital’s Boryspil airport while trying to take away a cargo of precious stones. The attacker tried to take precious cargo out of Ukraine.

Photo: SBGS

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports about it, transfers «».

Border guards report the seizure of almost 1.5 kilograms of amber from a smuggler, among which a rare specimen was found. It is a stone with a prehistoric insect inside, the price of which on the black market can be more than 25 thousand dollars.

It is reported that a Chinese citizen was registered for a flight between Kyiv and Minsk. Employees of the Separate Checkpoint «Kyiv» of the State Border Guard Service, together with customs officers, drew attention to a visibly nervous passenger. They invited the man to take a closer look at the luggage, which the Chinese tried to avoid. During a search of his personal belongings, border guards found precious stones in a suitcase.

It is currently known that the entire cargo of precious stones was seized and sent for special examination. Customs officers also prepared the relevant materials for further investigation.

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