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The killer of the footballer’s brother Orie surrendered to the police

Mourinho said that «Tottenham» is ready to release Orie to France.

Tottenham Hotspur head coach Jose Mourinho commented on the tragic death of the brother of French Spurs defender Serge Orie.

«I still don’t know when Orie will be able to start training and what his future plans are, Tottenham will not put any pressure on him. Maybe he will go to play with us, but he will definitely not be ready to play. One thing is clear now, that we are here to support him and not demand anything from him at all.

We gave him different options. He can do whatever he wants, he can go to France or stay here, he can come to training or take part in a match.

It is obvious that for him the family is more important in this tragic situation than our need for him and our decisive match. Nothing matters, he does what he wants. Let me talk to him and we will understand a lot. At the moment I don’t know. I talked to him on the phone, nothing more.

We gave him food for thought, space for him to be connected to his family. Tottenham will make any decision. Whether he will play depends on how I feel after talking to him. We need this dialogue, «Mourinho was quoted as saying by Goal.

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The footballer’s brother Christopher was killed near a nightclub in Toulouse on July 13, at 5 am local time. Locals found a 26-year-old man on the ground with gunshot wounds to the abdomen and called an ambulance, after which he was taken to hospital, but died there.


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