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The head of customs Muratov wants to steal 3 million hryvnias at the tender

The head of customs Muratov wants to steal 3 million hryvnias at the tender

At the end of July 2020, the State Customs Service, headed by Igor Muratov, announced a major auction — the purchase of television and audiovisual equipment: code DK 021: 2015-32320000-2 (complex of video reproducing devices).

The auction is scheduled for August 14. But it is already clear today that the GTS is restricting competition and wants to tender its supplier.

At stake 3 million hryvnia. This is the expected cost of the equipment in the tender.

Potential bidders openly say on the tender page that the auction is being held with conditions that are not properly written out, which is fraught with violations and abuses. Here is what one of them said:

«Dear Customer. In Annex 5 «TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS» to the tender documentation item 1 General requirements are specified «Sources of video signal for collective interaction screens and operator’s displays are workplaces of operators (personal computers), which are on the balance of the Customer. Signal switching between operator workstations, operator displays and controllers, as well as between controllers and collective interaction screens is implemented using the HDMI interface without the use of additional equipment designed for direct and reverse conversion of video signals. The server equipment is installed in 6 U or 9 U switch cabinets located in the same premises as the collective interaction screens. » We draw your attention to the fact that there are many manufacturers of appropriate cables and cable sizes.

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The tender documents do not specify how many and which sizes of cables are needed, but this directly affects the functionality of the cable, and significantly affects the cost of the solution.

Please indicate the list of all required cables according to the approved project, and their dimensions».

It is quite obvious that customs does not adhere to the principle of fair competition. It is not observed at the tender. And the organizers do not react to biased demands.

Another potential bidder wrote an objection alleging a violation of the Public Procurement Law:

«Dear Customer. Having carefully studied the requirements of the Tender Documentation, we found signs of a gross violation of the Law of Ukraine «On Public Procurement», namely Art. 5: «1. Procurement is carried out on the following principles: 1) fair competition among participants; 2) maximum economy, efficiency and proportionality; 4) non-discrimination of participants and equal treatment of them; 4. Customers do not have the right to impose any discriminatory requirements on participants «and Art. 23 § 4 “Technical specifications shall not contain a reference to a specific brand or manufacturer or to a specific process that characterizes a product or service of a particular entity, or to trademarks, patents, types or a specific place of origin or method of production. If such a reference is necessary, it must be substantiated and contain the expression «or equivalent».

In Annex 5 «TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS» to the tender documentation item «2. Composition and requirements for equipment (complex of video display devices)» for example to item №1 «Panel for a complex of video display devices with characteristics not worse than specified» You have registered the display for LG 55 video walls «55LV75D and indicated detailed tech. characteristics of this model… We consider these requirements unreasonable and discriminatory, as it can satisfy the equipment of only one manufacturer — LG. We ask you to indicate several manufacturers whose equipment can meet all the technical requirements. Otherwise, please amend the tender documents or remove discriminatory requirements to allow bidders offering similar equipment from other manufacturers to participate in the procurement. «

Thus, the GTS does everything to ensure that there is no competition in the tender. Or, take control of the purchase and ensure the victory of a particular company.

To prevent violations and fraud, law enforcement officers need to take control of this procurement now and monitor its implementation.

Andrey Pshenichny for the site

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