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The FBI raided Kolomoisky’s American firm, Ukrainian News

The FBI searched Optima Management Group in Cleveland and Miami.

The company’s management is suspected of participating in an international scheme to withdraw money to buy real estate in the United States. The organization is connected with oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, reports Newsru.

The addresses where the searches were conducted coincide with the offices of Optima Management Group. No one was detained.

According to a civil lawsuit filed last year in Delaware, Optima was part of an international scheme under which Kolomoisky withdrew billions of dollars from PrivatBank to buy real estate in the United States, including skyscrapers, factories and offices. A Cleveland court is investigating Kolomoisky’s role in the scheme.

Kolomoisky’s partners in the United States are Mordechai Korf and Uri Leiber, from the Jewish community in Florida.

The firm has received at least $ 2 million in loans under the coronavirus assistance program for small and medium-sized companies. An Optima spokesman declined to comment.

In early 2019, it became known that Kolomoisky and his partners in Optima Management are the largest players in the local office real estate market. According to the Miami Herald, Optima spent about $ 250 million to buy local assets.

In early 2020, it was reported that Kolomoisky was under investigation by the US Federal Grand Jury on charges of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate. Among the purchases being investigated are a 484-room luxury hotel in Cleveland overlooking the lake and a 21-story office building.

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