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the creators of the «Justice League» showed an excerpt of the new part (Video) — Ukrainian News

AMC has decided to cancel the launch of the 11th season of The Walking Dead in October 2020. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, viewers will only be able to see the new season in 2021.

However, the final episodes of the tenth season will be released in the fall, which will receive six more episodes.

New series will see the world in 2021. The creators of the show did not share any more details about them.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a significant impact on jobs, including our company. The writing team for Season 11 worked exclusively remotely for several months, so we were unable to start production on time. However, we will get back to work as soon as we are sure we can do it safely. This year we will not follow the tradition of showing episodes of the new season in October, but we are pleased to announce that Season 10 will be expanded. It will feature six additional episodes that will brighten the ending with new details. If all goes well, they will be unveiled in early 2021. We are currently working on them and we will soon be able to reveal more details, ”said showrunner Angela Keng at the virtual Comic-Con festival.

Recall that in the 17th season of the drama «Grey’s Anatomy», which has been on ABC for over 15 years, the topic of the coronavirus pandemic will be discussed.