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The court announced the verdict of the shooter who killed more than 50 people in the mosque

In New Zealand, a court sentenced Australian Brenton Harrison to life imprisonment without parole. He is accused of killing 51 people in the mosque.

Brenton Harrison Photo: screenshot

Reports about it UNN.

«Your crimes are so immoral that even if you are imprisoned to death, it will not cover the necessary punishment. You have not shown mercy, you are not just a murderer, but also a terrorist. You wanted to attack the New Zealand way of life. ” — Judge Cameron Mander, who sentenced in the case of the terrorist attacks, which killed 51 people and injured 38, said in his opinion.

After the verdict was announced, Tarrant said through a public defender that he did not object to the sentence. He is expected to serve his sentence in Auckland Prison.

Tarranta’s sentence was the harshest in New Zealand’s history — for the first time, a convict was deprived of the right to seek early release throughout his imprisonment. The day before, the 29-year-old Australian refused to go to court in person, and a brief statement was read out on his behalf by a state-appointed lawyer. Lawyers defending the 29-year-old Australian since the charges were filed were released by Tarrant on July 13. Prior to that, he fully admitted guilt in the incriminated crimes.

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