The Count of Monte Cristo: Google has dedicated Doodle to the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas

On August 28, the first part of the cult novel «The Count of Monte Cristo» by French writer Alexandre Dumas was published.

An abridged version of one of his most famous novels, The Count of Monte Cristo, is included in today’s Doodle illustration.

On this day in 1884, the Journal Les Journal des Débats published the first part of the novel, which appeared periodically until 1846.

Edmond Dantes, the protagonist of the work, is unjustly accused and imprisoned in the castle of If on the island of Montecristo. He gets there as a young man, and leaves 14 years later — a mature man, all thoughts of revenge.

 Count of Monte Cristo

Dantes is not released from prison — he escapes, successfully pretending to be dead. He also acquires a huge treasure, which he learned from the story of another prisoner.

Thanks to the money, Dantes pretends again — the Count of Monte Cristo. Then, one by one, he finds his offenders and purposefully destroys their lives.

 Count of Monte Cristo

Actually, «Count of Monte CristoIs a novel about revenge. This is a novel about revenge that ultimately does not bring pleasure and happiness.

 Count of Monte Cristo

It is worth noting that «The Count of Monte Cristo» is an incredibly successful adventure novel about injustice and revenge for it, written and published in the XIX century. The author of the work is Alexandre Dumas, the father of one of the most popular writers of our time.


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