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The appellate court sent the co-owner of the hotel under house arrest

The fool will be released from the jail.

On August 4, the Odessa Court of Appeal granted the petition of the lawyers of the co-owner of the Tokyo Star Hotel Sergey Durach to change the preventive measure.

Reported by the correspondent

Having examined all the materials of the case, the court canceled the detention of Durach in the pre-trial detention center and placed him under house arrest.

Recall that at yesterday’s meeting, Themis servants took break until morning.

As for the Fool, he is suspected of violating fire safety rules, which entailed death of nine people… For about a year, the co-owner of the Tokyo Star Hotel has been wanted and has Bulgarian passports. His detained about three weeks ago at the Odessa airport when he flew in from Rome. Kiev district court put him in jail… The fool decided to challenge the arrest and filed an appeal.

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