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Tanker «Delfi» will be removed from the Odessa beach after all damages are removed | Odessa news

Yesterday the sunken tanker Delphi was raised to the keel. Near the vessel, the seabed was leveled and cleared. Since yesterday, divers have been examining the right side of the tanker, which was previously inaccessible, in order to find damage and repair them. Only after that the ship will be removed from the Odessa beach.

Ruslan Sakhautdinov, the head of the Odessa branch of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration, spoke about this during a briefing at the Regional State Administration.


According to him, the measures to evacuate the «Delphi» in general will take about seven days, provided the weather is favorable.

“Information about the results of the survey of the vessel will be transferred to the design bureau, after which it will be attached to the barge for the purpose of towing. The water in the engine room of the tanker is already completely purified. All these activities will take about seven days if the weather conditions are right. Our contract stipulates 60 days, but before no one forbids to perform work «, — noted Sakhautdinov.

He also stressed that the previous contractor did not remove sand and clay in the area of ​​the tanker wreck, and in his diving surveys he was either mistaken or deliberately withheld information.

As for the ship owner, Sakhautdinov explained that the dialogue with him is being conducted exclusively in the legal plane. The latter must reimburse all the costs of lifting and evacuating the Delphi. Note that the Administration of the seaports of Ukraine has already filed a lawsuit to recover from the ship owner 2 million 355 thousand hryvnia.

As a reminder, yesterday morning the Delphi tanker was attached to tugs with two ropes and raised him

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