WB shared a video about the creation of the «Argument» (Video) — Ukrainian News

At Warner Bros. shared a ten-minute video about the filming of the movie «Argument». In a video posted on Warner Bros. Pictures, showed many footage from the set of the blockbuster Christopher Nolan, as well as interviews with the director, actors, producers and cameraman who talked about the work on the film. Most of the […]

Metallica shared a live video for the song Moth Into Flame (Video) — Ukrainian News

The Ukrainian comedy film franchise «Skazhene Vesillya» will be replenished with the third film. Yesterday, August 5, shooting of the new part started. The creators of the comedy promise even more surprises, more star actors, and, of course, even more Ukrainian humor. The film was directed by the creator of The Gallery and the comedy […]

Netflix shared a trailer for the drama (Video) — Ukrainian News

Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak has released his second video work in a month. «Magic» video for the song Magic is presented on Rybak’s Youtube channel. In the new video, the Eurovision winner appeared in a variety of life situations that happen to everyone’s life every day. The video takes place in different locations: at home, […]

Anthony Starr from «Boys» shared the details of the second season of the series — Ukrainian News

Anthony Starr, who plays Homelander in Boys, was interviewed by ComicBook, where he spoke about the prospects of his character in the second season of the TV show, as well as about the features of the new series in general. Homelander had some weird habits in his debut season that may end after Stillwell’s death. […]

“Furiosa will always be in my thoughts”: Charlize Theron shared her thoughts on the prequel to “Roads of Fury”

In May, director George Miller said that he had abandoned the rejuvenation technology for the prequel to Rage Roads about Furios. Instead, the heroine in the new film will be played by another actress. Charlize Theron, who played Furios in «The Road of Fury,» talked about her projects in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter […]

Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie shared a plan for Jack Reacher 3 — Ukrainian News

In Kiev, they intend to demolish the book market, located near the metro station «Pochayna» (formerly «Petrovka»). Relevant information was shared by the publication «Evening Kiev.» On Thursday, June 2, the Petrovka administration gathered all tenant entrepreneurs and stated in an ultimatum that the market was being closed in order to build a new shopping […]

Creators of the "Irish" shared a video of performer’s actors (Video) — Ukrainian News

New Cultures:The artist recorded the song "Winter" with the legendary Ukrainian vocalist Oleg Skripko. Spivachka Khristina Solovіy was striving to finish an unwholesome colaboration. In front of the premier’s klipu, on 23 November, a debut teaser of Oleg Skrypka and Khristini Solovіy’s debut teaser appeared on YouTube. I’ll follow the version of the video for […]

Chi will be the promotion of "Quiet Mist"? John Krasinski shared his plans for the Mayboot project — Ukrainian News

Referencing Eminem, basing himself in the center of the scandal Music To Get Murdered By, In a certain unaccommodating. The composition of the repertoire of virishiv regards his death as a suicide bomber, a sort of attack on the concert of Ariani Brand in 2017, a new air force. The hour of the attack in […]