«Supernatural» is close: the trailer for the finale of the series about the adventures of the Winchester brothers has been released (Video)

This fall will end the last season of the popular mystical television series Supernatural, in which American actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki played the main roles for 15 years. The CW has released a trailer for the final episodes of the 15th and final season of Supernatural, which were delayed due to the coronavirus. […]

The Hardkiss and MONATIK released a joint video for the song «Cobra» (Video) — Ukrainian News

Jennifer Aniston has long established herself as an actress who can perform any role in any genre film, but at the beginning of her career she could not imagine what she was capable of. The sitcom Friends, in which Aniston played Rachel Green, brought her not only fame, but at the same time doubts, because […]

«Ammonite»: trailer for LGBT drama with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan released (Video)

The Neon Film Company has released the official trailer for the LGBT drama Ammonite, about the love of two women in the 1840s. The first official trailer for the drama «Ammonite» was released; earlier the picture was included in the program of the Cannes Film Festival, which was postponed due to the pandemic. Saoirse Ronan […]

musicians from ten countries have released a collection in support of victims of protests in Belarus — Ukrainian News

Warner Bros. has unveiled the title of the sequel to the film «Shazam!», which tells about the superheroes of the DC Universe. The painting was named «The Fury of the Gods». The organizers of DC FanDome did not skimp on exclusive news, and even specific promotional materials for the sequel «Shazam!» were not presented at […]

Gorchitza has released a new song Everything I Do, recorded with Jenny Kwon: audio

Lesha Gorchitza Laptev presented a new song after a long break. In June Lesha Gorchitza Laptev announced his comeback, and now he has released the song Everything I Do, recorded with South Korean artist Jenny Kwon. Lesha Gorchitza Laptev is a Ukrainian musician and producer who emigrated to the United States and has been living […]

Katy Perry has released a new track (Video) — Ukrainian News

At the DC FanDome event, director Matt Reeves finally revealed the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman movie, in which we can finally see Robert Pattinson incarnate the Dark Knight. The action of the new film will unfold in a new offshoot of the DC multiverse, which the director would like to develop further. […]

Sergey Babkin released a video for a new song (Video) — Ukrainian News

Sergey Babkin presented a video for the summer dance single «Bomb-Rocket». The premiere of the video took place today, August 20, on the artist’s YouTube channel. The video was directed by Artyom Vusik, an actor, director and a colleague of artists at the «Beautiful Flowers» theater. Kharkiv theater actors became the actors of the crowd […]

the Ukrainian trailer of the detective «Death on the Nile» with Kenneth Branagh was released (Video) — Ukrainian News

The film crew of Matt Reeves’ «Batman» is preparing to resume filming, which was previously paused due to the raging coronavirus pandemic in the world. According to Variety sources, the British studio Warner Bros. Leavesden has already started building the sets. That said, plans could change dramatically if the COVID-19 situation worsens. According to the […]

«Blackbird»: Debut Trailer for Drama With Susan Sarandon Released (Video)

The first trailer for the drama Blackbird, a remake of the 2014 Danish film Silent Heart, has appeared online. The main role in the new version was played by actress Susan Sarandon. Recall that in the original this role was played by Paprika Steen, who received the award for Best Actress at the San Sebastian […]