«Hero Story»: Bon Jovi dedicated a new clip to the pandemic (Video)

Jon Bon Jovi has released a video for the single Do What You Can, which is dedicated to the coronavirus epidemic and the fighters against it. The single will be included in the new album of the musician Bon Jovi 2020, which will be released on October 2. In the video, Bon Jovi in ​​a […]

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, Doctors Will Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

The more excitement around the coronavirus, the higher the interest of viewers in stories about epidemics and dangerous diseases. In the 17th season of the drama «Grey’s Anatomy», which has been on ABC for over 15 years, the theme of the coronavirus pandemic will be touched upon. Series producer Christa Vernoff noted that it would […]

Thriller on the coronavirus pandemic: leading actors known | News. Daily News. Ukraine News July 14, 2020

A film about the pandemic of the coronavirus Songbird has got the leading performers. It is reported by Deadline. The main roles, two lovers separated by the epidemic, will be played by Riverdale star KJ Ap and the actress from Pretty Little Liars: Perfectionists Sofia Carson. It is also reported that the film starred Demi […]

With a "half-night" to bring a little break: Gollіvud zaboroniv znіmati postіlny scenes through a pandemic

New Cultures:Gollіvud through COVID-19 zaboroniv znіmati sex scenes. Gollіvudі zabomonyu zyomka erotic scenes through the pandemic COVID-19. About the price of the Daily Mail. Already from the 12th worm Gollіvud vіdnovlyu zyomki kіnofіlmіv. However, through the coronavirus, the director didn’t know about the scenes in the paintings. Filmmaking rejected the instruction, the rules for making […]

Michael Bey pratsyu over the thriller about the pandemic — Ukrainian news

New Cultures:The release date for the Maybutnoy novelty has not been marked. Director Michael Bay ("Transformers") and ex-kerivnik virobnitsva Paramount Invisible Narratives Adam Goodman interpreted by the producers of the thriller on the theme of the pandemic. Yak pov_domlyaє Deadline, a movie with the name Songbird I’m going to stop, we are setting up in […]

James Kemeron has come to the conclusion that a pandemic doesn’t make a mess of new Avatars at once — Ukrainian News

At rozmovі z Empire Empire Kemeron pіdtverdiv, shcho virobnitstvo sіkvelіv "Avatar" pinned nezadovgo before the start of the workshop stage in New Zealand. The director got into a wilati tudi, if the pandemic came to frustration — and the robot even znupynyu zupinilsya. For the sake of words, everything is more and more prone to […]

Pandemic led up to billions of hits in Hollywood — Ukrainian news

Independently of those who have the coronavirus pandemic and the introduction of quarantine visits in the country’s borders, they were designated on the basis of films and not all of them, but it means that the grass brings some additional benefits. "Hollywood" Prem'єra: May 1 Yak is not easy to guess, dіya serіalu vіdbuvaєatsya in […]

Spivachka Avril Lavin presented a new single, pandemic assignments (Video)

New Cultures:Kanadska spivachka Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne) has released a blessed single We Are Warriors. New record with the updated version of Warrior’s composition, as it was before the remaining album of Head Above Water. "I rewrote Warrior, so that you can imagine our good news and all heroic speeches, so you’re all shy. To […]

Koronavirus in mystery: imeni music labels to promote artists in the minds of the pandemic Covid-19

New Cultures:Warner, Sony, BRIT Awards, Amazon Music, Cherry Red and Demon Music Group donate $ 1.5 million to their co-workers. Yak povidomlyaє vidannya NME, svіtova crisis, exclamations with tails COVID-19Having nailed on the foundation of the blessed fund Help Musicians. Organizations podkanana nadati financial assistance to the musicians, as if they were left without an […]

The Pitbull benchmark having released a message about the coronavirus pandemic (Video) — Ukrainian news

New Cultures:Online premiere film "Trol 2: Holy tour" b'Св records for the looks. On Friday, 10 April, Universal Studios through the pandemic of the coronavirus launched an online movie "Trol 2: Svitovye tour", which set a record for views on the start day, as well as the record of the last vihidni. Yak povіdomlyaє deadline, […]