International Booker Prize laureate was 29-year-old Marika Lucas Reineveld — Ukrainian News

Jennifer Aniston has long established herself as an actress who can perform any role in any genre film, but at the beginning of her career she could not imagine what she was capable of. The sitcom Friends, in which Aniston played Rachel Green, brought her not only fame, but at the same time doubts, because […]

Director Antonіo Lukich becoming a laureate of the National Gold Prize "Dziґa Gold"

New Cultures:The names of the fourth laureates of the Fourth National Film Prize become the third grass. Ukrainian director Antonio Lukich becoming a laureate National kinopremії "Dziґa Gold"at nomіnatsії "Vіdkrittya roku", Yak in tsomu rotsі handed forward. Yak to be seen on Facebook’s side, to see if you’ve been able to change your account in […]

Oscar-2020 laureate Pon Joon-ho having transferred 20 successors with a stretch of the closest 20 rockies — Ukrainian News

New Cultures:In the whole of the Russian-Korean director, he became a triumphant at the Oscar 2020 movie. Pivdennokoreysky director Pon Joon-ho becoming a reference to the critics of Hollywood. The yogi of the "Parasiti" i Win, Zokrem, was rejected by the chotiri of the most respectable Oscars. Now calling 20 movie directors, for projects of […]

Oscar-2020: film laureate of prestigious film award — News Telegraph

New Cultures:Peremoga in the Oscar’s be-nominated nominee means, at a certain moment, I’m awaiting him & # 039; I am a director, an actor or a team to work in a robot to become a vidomim for everyone. Already on the 9th year, at the Dolby Theater, to show one of the most important things […]

Felix Shteynbuk became a laureate of the prize imenny A. Biletsky — Ukrainian news

New Cultures:Peremozhets got into a hat with a secret vote on the previous journal of the prize of the director of the Institute of Literature and T. T. Shevchenko M. G. Zhulinsky. Zbirnik ecu-ministry "Incubacy" dinosaur "", awards of the critical little recipes Oles Ulyanenka, stunned laureate of premium in the literary criticism gallery of […]

Ukrainian film "Kohannya" becoming a laureate of the prestigious Nimetsky Prize

New Cultures:Kіnostrіchka "Kokhannya", directed by a certain є Mikita Liskov, having done away with "Golden Blue". An animated film by Mikiti Liskov by casting the Golden Blue at the Dok Leipzig-2019 film festival. Strіchka rozpovіdaє about the hundred people among people for the help of sound. Mikiti Liskova's film “Kohannya” by refusing the Golden Dove […]

Columbian artist became a laureate of a prize in the galaxy of a real mystery

New Cultures:As the members of the journal meant, the artist's robots carry "great cultural significance." Colombian artist Doris Salcedo became the winner of the most award-winning day in the galaxy of the real mystery prize of the Nomura Art Award 2019. The spring brokerage of Japan was overwhelmed by the Japanese brokerage company Nomura Holdings, […]