«Hero Story»: Bon Jovi dedicated a new clip to the pandemic (Video)

Jon Bon Jovi has released a video for the single Do What You Can, which is dedicated to the coronavirus epidemic and the fighters against it. The single will be included in the new album of the musician Bon Jovi 2020, which will be released on October 2. In the video, Bon Jovi in ​​a […]

Vidannya Empire named the shortest movie hero in history

Empire Magazine proving the benefits of mid-readers, a kind of stink hero to respect the most. Іndіana Jones at the Vikings of Harrison Ford, the most popular movie in history for the Empire version. Vidannya conducted a feast on the middle of the readers, a kind of stench hero to respect the most, and the […]

One hero of the original trilogy was cleaned up in “Zoryaniy Vyny 9”, but he didn’t help — Ukrainian News

New Cultures:The producers gave zrozumіti, such a variant with no exceptions. In the age of restarting, remaking and selling, wait for a chance, which is the last serie from the past, the most recent life. Increase the number of video projects you can have and the fantastic series Svіtlyachok, a kind of appearance in 2002-2003 […]

Winchester has become better: the promo new Seri "Nadprirodnogo" s & # 039; appearing unsuspecting hero (Video)

New Cultures:Pislya past ten rokіv zgadati yogo zmozhe not skinny. The shanuvalniks of the “supernatural” did not really catch up with the rest of the episode, as the The CW TV channel had already begun to feel like it’s up to date, so that you can be in the 8th age. The first surprise came […]

Type of sequel: the hero of the "Planet" by Stephen Spilberg again at a time (Video)

The popular film Stіvena Spіlberg "Іnoplanetyanin" having removed a short sequel from the video from the commercial of the Internet provider Xfinity. For the video topic titled A Holiday Reunion, you can turn around to Earth through 37 rockies, deactivate yourselves with Eliot, the hero of the original movie, which is a bit like acquiring […]

Ilon Mask becoming the hero of the popular animated film (Video) — Ukrainian News

New Cultures:The picture will be titled "Trol 2: Holy Tour" and enter the Ukrainian rental 19 birch 2020 rock. At least there’s a duplication of trailer for the promotion of the musical animated film "Troli" of Universal Studios. The picture will be titled "Trol 2: Holy Tour" and enter the Ukrainian rental 19 birch 2020 […]