«Supernatural» is close: the trailer for the finale of the series about the adventures of the Winchester brothers has been released (Video)

This fall will end the last season of the popular mystical television series Supernatural, in which American actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki played the main roles for 15 years. The CW has released a trailer for the final episodes of the 15th and final season of Supernatural, which were delayed due to the coronavirus. […]

Sofi Turner did not follow the finale of the "Game of Thrones" — Ukrainian news

The film of the Ukrainian director, Mikhail Illnanka “Toloka”, who was seen on the screen of 12 birch trees, pushed the Ukrainian people to the frontline and front-line districts with their feathers. About the director of the rozpovіv in іnterv'yu Ukrіnform. “We filed an application for the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, a kind of often profіnansuvav. […]

"Fatherland": Viishov trailer for the season finale (Video)

New Cultures:Showtime channel presenting the trailer for the eighth season of the series "Fatherland". The new, eighth, season of the American serialu will become final. In the rest of the season, Hero Claire Danes, Kerry Mettison will be able to enjoy being in the Russian Gulag. Колї Kolya Sol (Mendі Petіnkіn) I will need ії […]

top books with the unbeatable finale itself — Ukrainian news

one Agatha Kristi "Driving in" Standard Express " Rik: 1934 Tags: Roman, Detective It’s almost always a bagato, but the motives are unclear, the genius syshchik Hercule Poirot knows the right way in the lab’s criminal intrigue. Vin bezpomilkovo visnacha driving in the train. 2 Boris Akunin "Azazel" : 1998 Tags: Detective, Come, Roman, Suchasna […]