Netflix releases first trailer for Dragon Dogma animated adaptation (Video) — Ukrainian News

Jennifer Aniston has long established herself as an actress who can perform any role in any genre film, but at the beginning of her career she could not imagine what she was capable of. The sitcom Friends, in which Aniston played Rachel Green, brought her not only fame, but at the same time doubts, because […]

Amazon will turn in the series "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo"

Culture News:The producers of the project are Andy Harris (Crown, Reservoir Dogs, Substitution) and Rob Bullock (Retaliation, Lord of the Valley, Origin). Amazon plans to create a series based on the trilogy of the Swedish writer Stig Larsson's Millennium. The cycle consists of three books: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “The Girl who Played […]

“De dragon Mushu?”: What’s the main reason for heroin’s life without a “friend”?

New Cultures:Fans of "Mulan" were told why the film-maker had a German dragon Mushu. At the new file "Mulan", a yakiy stane pershim igrovim remake Disney PG-13 rated, Won't be a dragon Mushu. The decks of the fanatics hung the rosary in social measures with the drive. After recognizing the character in the Chinese context, […]