Odessa Film Festival announced the composition of the jury — Ukrainian News

The composition of the jury of the International Competition Program of the 11th Odessa International Film Festival has been announced. The jury of the international festival will be headed by Canadian composer Howard Shore. Howard Shore is one of the leading composers of our time, winner of Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe awards. He has […]

Depeche Mode presented a song for 2009 rock composition — Fragile Tension — Ukrainian News

New Cultures:Whatever fate we have in check for the promotion of a sweethearted romantic comedy "Buda Potsіlunkіv" with Joey King in the lead role. Joey King, overcoming the main role in the romantic comedy Budka Potsіlunkіv, said about the date of the sequel: "24 sticks, only for a day before my day of birth. (The […]

The group "Time and Glass" let go of the song for the composition "Call / Nicol" (Video) — Ukrainian News

9 birch in the hotel Hilton Kyiv vidbulosya urochista ogrozhennenya peremogzіv in the first chotyoroh nominatsіyah National Music Prize YUNA 2020. At the category "Krashiy hip-hop hip»Peremig blowing alyona alyona i Alina Pash with composition "bastard". Statuette forKrashiy electronic hіt"Took MARUV per track "Siren song". At nomіnatsії "Higher format", Yaka Bula was introduced by the […]

Quota of forks: fantastic composition of dining tables (Photo)

Marvel at the photo (6) New Cultures:Anna Carrington is a British artist, who became famous for her extraordinary approach to the creation of art about & # 039; єktіv. 1 Ships with long beads, royal mosaics with gudzikiv and lyalyki from turtles — chim tilki did not marvel at the sight of the remaining rock. […]

Ukrainian chamber choir quail vidome composition (Video) — Ukrainian News

So, in Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Austria, Georgia, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom they have secreted information about participants in the international project. Of course, with official duties, organizers of the penal contest that didn’t have to conduct a national contest. Moreover, in Belgium and Spain, the names of artists were dumbfounded, as I […]