«Supernatural» is close: the trailer for the finale of the series about the adventures of the Winchester brothers has been released (Video)

This fall will end the last season of the popular mystical television series Supernatural, in which American actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki played the main roles for 15 years. The CW has released a trailer for the final episodes of the 15th and final season of Supernatural, which were delayed due to the coronavirus. […]

All About Queen Elizabeth: The Crown Series Doesn’t Close After Season Five

The director of the series Crown about the life of Queen Elizabeth II changed her mind to end the series in the fifth season. On Thursday, July 9, Netflix extended the Crown series to season six. It will be he who will be the final, and not at all the fifth season, as previously planned, […]

Before the close of the series "Bolotna tvarina" "relocating" to the CW channel — Ukrainian news

New Cultures:Siyogodny, 12 grass, about 10 p.m. Kyiv time, on the official YouTube channel Є Є роб роб ’ YouTube and the European Union for Europe (EBU) launched the Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 online project in two parts at once. About the price of the site music contest. Oskilki performed Єvrobachennya in the whole of […]

Disney can close the animated series "Simpsoni" — Ukrainian news

New Cultures:"Simpsoni" є who found animate serial in the history of the American TV-tower: ponad 650 episodes, about 30 seasons in about 30 seasons. The cult animated series "Simpsoni" can be covered with a stretch of rock. The infection on the viiš screen is the same 31 season. About the opportunity to close the interviews […]