«Hero Story»: Bon Jovi dedicated a new clip to the pandemic (Video)

Jon Bon Jovi has released a video for the single Do What You Can, which is dedicated to the coronavirus epidemic and the fighters against it. The single will be included in the new album of the musician Bon Jovi 2020, which will be released on October 2. In the video, Bon Jovi in ​​a […]

«Американская расплата»: Bon Jovi напомнила о смерти Джорджа Флойда (Видео) | Новости. Новости дня. Новости Украины 13 июля 2020

Легендарная американская рок-группа Bon Jovi размышляет о событиях, которые происходят в Штатах, в новой песне American Reckoning. Bon Jovi переосмысливает смерть американца Джорджа Флойда и последовавших после протестов в истории США над новой песней группы «American Reckoning». Об этом сообщает Rolling Stone. Группа презентовала lyrics-видео на новую песню, наполненную болью и горечью, в которой описаны события […]

Prince Garry i Bon Jovi released Unbroken (Video)

New Cultures:John Bon Jovi Wiklaw in the middle of a new single Unbroken, recordings with Prince Garry in the end of the fierce. American rocker John Bon Jovi releasing a single Unbroken, Records of the British prince Garri і vіyskim choir. Track Unbroken recordings at the last minute in the legendary London studio Abbey road, […]

Bon Jovi bewitching fans to write yomu pisnyu

New Cultures:The American musician John Bon Jovi, having taken precedence over the new Pisney. At his Instagram page, the musician published the video, allegedly asking his chanuvalnik to write the version for the May single. "It’s not an easy hour, I can help you, I’m all at once. I am writing one verse. Write menus. […]

Bon Jovi releasing the single "Unbroken" for documentary film (Video) — Ukrainian News

New Cultures:Curvatures of a studio і kіlkіst і kіlkіst. Disney and Marvel Studios have agreed on their plan to let them go to the city for 3-4 films within the framework of their movie. Ninіshnyі rіk becoming a little longer for Marvel. In addition to a number of the greatest great films, we got “Mesniki: […]