Based on Resident Evil: Netflix is ​​preparing a new series

Netflix is ​​producing the video game series Resident Evil. In particular, Twitter posted a photo of the finished script for the first episode, as well as a small synopsis. «When the Wesker children move to New Raccoon City, the secrets they reveal could be the end of it all. New Resident Evil TV Series Based […]

shooting of a film based on Scriabin’s novel started in Lviv — Ukrainian News

The Ukrainian group Liloviy introduced a new mini-album «Tilki Rai». This was reported by the group on its Facebook page. The album’s compositions are united by the intimate lyrics of Yuriy Izdrik, a Ukrainian prose writer and poet. Despite the fact that all the songs are different in nature, each has a love story. In […]

Shooting of the film based on the novel by Kuzma Scriabin will start in Lviv — Ukrainian News

As you know, the film «I,» Victory «and Berlin» based on the novel of the same name by Kuzma Scriabin became one of the winners of the Eleventh competitive selection of Goskino. Filming based on the novel by Andrei Kuzmenko «I,» Victory «and Berlin, will begin in Lviv in July. On the eve of the […]

based on comedy can make a series — Ukrainian News

The first Ukrainian erotic short film “Honest Lviv Lady” received an award for the best cast at the film festival in Italy, which took place online from June 8 to 12. This is stated in the press service of the State Committee. «Decent Lviv lady» Director Natalia Pasenitsky is an erotic comedy based on the […]

The film "Tsina Pravdi" is based on the rating of the short films The Guardian

New Cultures:A page of roses about a Wallace reporter, who is a bit ahead in the press, saying that he’ll say that he’s about the Ukrainian Holodomor. The film of the Polish director Agnieszka Holland "Tsina Pravdi" is based on the rating of the shortest pages of The Guardian. "Tsina Pravdi" — a biographical picture […]

books based on real stories — Ukrainian news

1 Stephen King "Yak writing books" They wanted to write a novel for a long time, but they didn’t know why. Are you interested in the creative work of Kіng і want to know more about the author? Todi tsya book for you! Stiven to share the secrets of writing meisterost, rozmіrkovu about literature, rozpovіda […]

Competition "The Shortest Book Design" based on the acceptance of applications — Ukrainian News

Competition "The best book design", which is to hold the X International Book Arsenal festival at the Goethe-Institut in Ukraine for the first half of the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Buchkunst Foundation, taking into account the acceptance of applications. About the price of the website of the Mystetsky Arsenal. "You can submit books to […]

viišov trailer page, based on the works of Taras Shevchenko — Ukrainian news

New Cultures:The hryvnia with a skin ticket for Toloka will be re-allocated to the fund and hidden to the aid of the army. The creators of the film “Toloka” presented another official trailer of the page and felt the idea of ​​the initiative with the “Come back live” fund. The film was directed by Mikhail […]

Quentin Tarantino will remove the series based on the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Culture News:Quentin Tarantino delighted his fans, admitting that he plans to shoot a lot of episodic film for the movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." Quentin Tarantino Summer 2019 stunned the movie universe with frank recognition — the tenth film he created will be the final one in his career. However, after the success […]