WB shared a video about the creation of the «Argument» (Video) — Ukrainian News

At Warner Bros. shared a ten-minute video about the filming of the movie «Argument». In a video posted on Warner Bros. Pictures, showed many footage from the set of the blockbuster Christopher Nolan, as well as interviews with the director, actors, producers and cameraman who talked about the work on the film. Most of the […]

Tom Cruise after watching Nolan’s «Argument»: «I Love It» (Video)

The Mission Impossible star posted on Twitter a video in which he went to a London cinema to watch the science fiction film Argument directed by Christopher Nolan. Popular actor Tom Cruise attended the loudest premiere of the season — the new film by British director Christopher Nolan «Argument». Cruz shared his impressions of watching […]

«The Plan»: Travis Scott recorded the soundtrack for Nolan’s acclaimed film «Argument»

American rapper Travis Scott took part in the work on the soundtrack for Christopher Nolan’s new film «Argument». Rapper Travis Scott said he wrote the song specifically for the film directed by Christopher Nolan. The musician spoke about this in an interview with the publication. GQ… The composition was named The Plan and will be […]

the star of the movie «Argument» will play Princess Diana in the TV series «Crown» — Ukrainian News

Back in 2012, the American animated series South Park showed the confrontation between Belarusians and local security forces. For a long time, the status of a predictor has been assigned to the animated series The Simpsons. However, recently one of the prophecies that came true was noticed in the equally popular cartoon «South Park». Attentive […]

Dune, Argument and Wonder Woman 1984 Trailers To Air In Two Weeks

The first trailer for «Dune» and the new trailer for «Wonder Woman: 1984» will hit theaters on August 12 this year. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the premiere of British director Christopher Nolan’s Inception, it will be re-screened in theaters around the world in August. As part of this review, viewers will be […]

Christopher Nolan’s «argument» will hit the global screening in 2020 — Ukrainian News

The large-scale fantasy thriller «Argument» is planned to be released at the end of summer. This is reported by The Washington Post with reference to its sources. Christopher Nolan’s film was originally set to release on July 17, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Warner Bros. postponed the launch date until July 30, then until […]

Christopher Nolan’s «argument» was removed from the rental — Ukrainian News

Fantastic thriller «Argument» by Christopher Nolan has been discontinued. This is stated in a press release from the Warner Bros. The company has not yet announced a new release date, but intrigued by information about the preparation of the tape for a «nontraditional theatrical release» that will not follow the traditional scheme. “We will soon […]