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Svitolina does not plan to go to the US Open — Ukrainian News

Tottenham’s coach is unhappy with Manchester City’s successful appeal.

Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho commented on the decision of the Lausanne Sports Arbitration Court, which overturned the removal of «Manchester City» for two years from the European Cups:

«If Manchester City is innocent, a penalty of several million is a disgrace. If you are innocent, you are not punished. On the other hand, if you are guilty, you must be removed. In any case, this decision is a catastrophe.

I’m not saying Manchester City is to blame. I mean, if you’re not guilty, you don’t pay the fine. Even a pound.

I know that money is not a problem for them, but still. If you are guilty, you must be disqualified from competing.

I’m nobody to know if they’re guilty or not. I criticize the decision. I don’t know if Manchester City is guilty or not, but it’s a shameful decision anyway. «

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Earlier, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp was pleased with the successful appeal of «Manchester City».


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