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Svetlana Loboda was spotted in the teaser for the new Rammstein video (Photo, Video) — Ukrainian news

Culture News:Singer Svetlana Loboda and Till Lindemann once again fueled rumors of a romance.

The artist appeared on the poster of the new clip of the Rammstein group, which provoked assumptions about relations with the frontman of the team.

The other day, member of the rock band Rammstein Peter Tegtren boasted a poster for the new clip Frau & Mann ("woman and man").

The frame shows how Till Lindemann and the Swedish actor Peter Stormare pose in the images of a detective and an astronaut. At the same time, the movie star carries Svetlana Loboda in her arms.

Following the mysterious poster, a teaser for the new video appeared on the net. Most likely, the Rammstein video will be in the band's eerie style, because in a few-second video, viewers can see Till Lindemann in a mental hospital. But will Svetlana Loboda appear in the video — fans will find out only after the premiere of the video.

What is known about the possible romance of artists?

For several years, the media have suspected that Svetlana Loboda and the leader of the Rammstein group, Till Lindemann, are in a romantic relationship. The stars themselves do not comment on any rumors, but each time they warm the interest of fans in private life.

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So, Svetlana Loboda called her second daughter Tilda, which was immediately perceived as a hint to her father's name. However, she did not respond to any suspicions and still has not declassified with whom she is raising offspring. Another reason for gossip was the arrival of Till Lindemann in Moscow. Then Svetlana Loboda was urgently hospitalized from the concert rehearsal, and the leader of the Rammstein group personally took her from the hospital. According to eyewitnesses, after discharge from the hospital, Till with the artist and her daughter from her first marriage had lunch at a restaurant.

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