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Surkis clarified the situation with two scandalous Dynamo players — Ukrainian News

The president of Dynamo Kyiv Igor Surkis in an interview with Football NEWS on the TV channel Football 1/2/3 commented on the future in the team of two scandalous players of the team Gerson Rodriguez and Denis Garmash.

According to Surkis, with the arrival of Mircea Lucescu, Gerson Rodríguez has changed and started to show a great game and, most likely, will play for the capital club.

“Look, a new head coach came and started from scratch. Gerson Rodriguez is a good, cool footballer. He needed to find a place on the field, which Mr. managed to do. I think if he shows the same game, he will play, ”Surkisa was quoted as saying

As for Denis Garmash, it is likely that he will find a new team.

“This is a question for the head coach. If he sees that he has to be declared, then he will be declared. But, I think we will find him a club. Or he will find it himself. And will play in another club — abroad or in Ukraine. So far, it is difficult for me to speak, ”added the president of Dynamo.

It will be recalled that Gerson Rodriguez showed himself phenomenally at the start of the season. Winger helped to beat the Olympic in the first round of UPL 2020/21, and also recorded in his assets the handsome winning goal in Shakhtar’s goal in the match for the Super Cup of Ukraine-2020.

Earlier it was reported that Srna was dissatisfied with the refereeing in the Shakhtar-Dynamo game.


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