This fall will end the last season of the popular mystical television series Supernatural, in which American actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki played the main roles for 15 years.

The CW has released a trailer for the final episodes of the 15th and final season of Supernatural, which were delayed due to the coronavirus. All this time, both Jensen and Jared were in quarantine in Vancouver, where the actors live.

In the video, the main characters are preparing to solve the last problems that arise in saving all of humanity.

In addition, the CW will air an hour-long retrospective of Supernatural: The Long Way Home before the final episode airs.

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We will remind, recently cable channel The CW announced that the final episode of «Supernatural» will be shown in the fall, namely, showing the 14th episode on October 8, and the final 20 episode of the series on November 19.

As previously reported, screenwriter Eric Kripke, known as the creator of the mystical television series Supernatural, said, why did he leave after season 5 of the project


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