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Stepanov explained why Ukraine will be divided into four zones

The police of Kherson region through Interpol channels established the location of the malefactor who was on the international wanted list for premeditated murder. In 2008, a resident of Kakhovka district shot his acquaintance out of jealousy of a woman. Trying to avoid punishment, the defendant hid from the court in the Russian Federation.

According to Andriy Ryzhnev, head of the Kherson Oblast Criminal Investigation Department: who committed a particularly serious crime. «

The murder took place in the town of Kakhovka in September 2008. The attacker had a long conflict with his acquaintance over a woman. During the last quarrel, the suspect decided to get rid of the opponent by taking a weapon and shooting him. The victim died on the spot from numerous injuries to the chest and abdomen.

Investigators have established the circumstances of the murder and the identity of the killer, and criminal proceedings have been instituted. Kakhovka police officers charged the man with committing a crime. Many weapons were found in his home during a search. The court arrested the man, but eventually decided to release him and postponed the hearing. Realizing that he faces up to 15 years in prison, the defendant fled in his own car. The search for the accused began.

Further investigative and operational actions were complicated by the fact that the police received information that the man was at his sister’s house in the Russian Federation. Since 2011, the fugitive has been declared internationally wanted. Numerous police trips to another country did not yield results. The accused’s sister explained that her husband no longer lived with her and that she did not have his new address. The 48-year-old defendant hid as far as possible, where he began a new life with confidence in his impunity.

However, its location was recently established by Interpol channels. The other day Kherson operatives together with the border service detained a man at a border checkpoint in Kharkiv region.

Police escorted the detainee to Kherson for sentencing. The attacker was placed in a pre-trial detention center. He will be held accountable in court under Part 1 of Art. 115 of the Criminal code of Ukraine «Intentional murder».

Kherson Region Police Communication Department

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